Summer is in full swing and it’s hot out there! If you’re ready to cool down, here's where to buy amazing ice cream in Brampton this summer. These local shops are scooping exceptional ice cream concoctions and are well worth a visit.


RollyPollyCow is the first ice cream parlour of its kind in Brampton. They serve freshly prepared handcrafted ice cream rolls made with high quality ingredients. The rolls of ice cream are made right in front of their customers. With a variety of flavours like Red Velvet Cheesecake Ice Cream Rolls and Badam Kesar Kulfi Ice Cream Rolls, there’s something for everyone here. They also offer dairy free ice cream rolls! They also sell a lot more than just ice cream here -- like falooda, shakes, cookies, brownies and cakes.

Rock n Roll Ice Creams

Rock n Roll Ice Creams was not the first ice cream parlour to make rolled ice cream in Brampton, but they are still well worth a visit! They have 3 locations across Brampton where they make ice cream rolls fresh in front of their customers. They also sell ice cream, shakes, chai, coffee, pastry, cheesecake, cakes and more.

Ice Flame

Ice Flame is yet another chain of rolled ice cream in Brampton that’s well worth the trip. They have some truly delicious and special flavours that keep customers coming back for more like chocolate walnut brownie, rasmalai, and paan dilbahar. They also sell falooda, shakes, paan, and juices.

Basant Kulfi

Like kulfi? You’ll love Basant Kulfi in Brampton. They make fabulous kulfi ice cream in classic flavours like pistachio and mango using milk and khoya. They are all about freshness so their kulfi is preservative-free, and free of artificial flavours and chemicals. If you love kulfi, you owe it to yourself to pay them a visit.

We hope you’ll pay a visit to these beloved ice cream shops in Brampton this summer!

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